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NYC man accused in officer's slaying found shot before arrest

Prosecutors say Darrell Fuller was found shot outside this minivan on 111th Avenue near 173rd Street in Jamaica, Queens.
Prosecutors say Darrell Fuller was found shot outside this minivan on 111th Avenue near 173rd Street in Jamaica, Queens.
Photo Credit: Nassau DA - Court Evidence

A New York City parolee, who is on trial for allegedly gunning down a Nassau County police officer and killing another man, cried out for help and screamed he was shot just minutes before he was arrested, witnesses at his trial testified Wednesday.

Prosecutors have alleged Darrell Fuller had a friend shoot him in the arm in what they’ve described as his attempt to appear as the victim of a deranged gunman on the loose. Fuller, 34, of St. Albans, is accused of fatally shooting Nassau County Police Officer Arthur Lopez during a traffic stop on Oct. 23, 2012 and then killed Raymond Facey, 58, of Brooklyn, during an alleged carjacking nearby. A massive manhunt ended when Fuller was found shot on 111th Avenue near 173rd Street in Jamaica.

A neighbor on 111th Avenue, Mildred Means, testified Wednesday that she was in her home around 6 p.m. when she heard a “pop” and went to the window to check it out. “I saw somebody lying there on the ground yelling for help,” she told jurors. “He said, ‘Help. Help me.’” Means said she called police and within minutes saw a swarm of officers arriving. “It seemed like they came out of the sky,” she said. Means also testified that she never saw the man’s face and that her “vision was obstructed by the SWAT team and the police” once they arrived.

Another witness, Radcliffe Murray, also testified that he was on the same block and heard a man screaming he needed help and then yelling he had been shot. Murray, a construction worker, told jurors he was picking up a television from a friend’s house when he “heard someone crying out for help.” He said he approached a minivan that was parked behind his pickup truck and saw a man crawling out of the side door. “After a while, he said, ‘I got shot.” Murray said he called 911 and then waited across the street for police to arrive, but when officers showed up, the man was all the way out of the van and lying in the street.

NYPD Officer Michael Boyle testified that he had been briefed at the beginning of his 3 p.m. shift that cops were hunting for Darrell Fuller, who at that point, was being sought for the double homicide. When Boyle received a call around 6:30 p.m. on the police radio for a man shot, he rushed to the scene on 111th Avenue and found a man slumped outside a minivan, which had the doors open and the music blaring, he said. He said the man wouldn’t answer questions about what happened or who shot him, but identified himself as Darrell Fuller. “I immediately reached for his hands and handcuffed him,” the cop said.

Fuller was later taken to Jamaica Hospital and treated for his injuries before being released to face arraignment. He has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder, robbery and weapons charges. Testimony in his trial continues next week.

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