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NYC lawyer jumps 12 stories to his death: Lands on scaffolding shocking workers

NYC Lawyer jumps 12 floors to his death, he also taught at Hunter College.
NYC Lawyer jumps 12 floors to his death, he also taught at Hunter College.
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A Manhattan lawyer and Hunter College professor jumped to his death from the twelfth floor of his office building on Broadway. Leonard Morton, who suffered from bipolar, was having a tough time after the death of his parents put him into a “terrible depression,” reports a friend.

In an article from March 8, New York Daily News sets the scene of the New York lawyer’s death, saying he jumped from the twelfth floor of his Broadway office building landing on scaffolding below. Morton died on the scene which was directly across from City Hall.

Morton’s parents death, coupled with his recent separation from his wife, left Morton in a deep depression. The 45-year-old jumped in the middle of the busy morning rush hour on Friday, about 7:30 a.m., with cops scrambling to quickly cover the body.

Workers in the area looked on horrified after witnessing the man fall to his death. It was a gruesome scene for the morning rush of passersby making their way to work.

Back in November 2011, Morton’s mother, who was only 69, died in her sleep, putting Morton in a deep dark depression say friends. A year later he lost his father. The depression broke a few months ago and Morton experienced a manic stage of his bipolar disorder.

It was during this time that he separated from his wife of three years. According to Morton’s friends, despite the couple’s split, his wife remained devoted to him. His wife had a tough time dealing with Morton in his manic stage which made him very loud and very boisterous.

A recent change in medication appeared to return Morton into another spell of depression. Morton was an achiever, running his own law firm while teaching college courses in law at Hunter College. He volunteered as a captain to the New York State Guard and offered free legal services for military personal.

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