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NYC hunter gets prison time for accidentally shooting and killing a toddler

A New York City hunter who accidentally shot and killed a 16-month old girl in the Catskills last year, was sentenced to two to eight years in prison.

Charly Ann Skala died after she was struck by a bullet that ripped through the wall of her grandparents' mobile home 80 miles north of New York City in Swan Lake.

Edward Taibi of Queens was in a tree stand when he shot and only wounded a deer - killing the animal on the first try is often unsuccessful and causes the animal to suffer in pain, often while their young or other members of their family look on.

Taibi then climbed down from the tree to shoot the deer a second time, and hit the home which was about 400 feet away.

After pleading guilty to manslaughter this past June, Taibi tearfully apologized in court during the sentencing on Tuesday.

District Attorney Stephen Lungen said that while Taibi did not intentionally seek to kill the child, that having a weapon in clear and present view of the house, was without doubt, reckless.

However, many animal welfare advocates would argue that hunting period, is what is reckless.


  • jen 5 years ago

    There was NO need for this tragedy to happen in the first place.
    Hunting is machismo and so old school... take up a real sport or hobby!