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NYC Flatiron Building

Flatiron Building in NYC
Jai Waltz

In the Flatiron district of New York City, there is a few buildings left of nineteenth century skyscrapers. But one of them stands out in particular with the triangle shape, and that is the Flatiron Building designed by Chicago architect Daniel Burnham.

It's famous triangular shape is what gave it the nickname Flatiron as it was originally called the Fuller Building. It is twenty two stories and three hundred five feet tall. When entering the Flatiron District from Broadway or Fifth Avenue, it's uniqueness can be seen as it stands out from the buildings around it due to its shape. But this shape has made it a famous destination for architecture loving tourists. The architecture style is Renaissance.

Around the area, there are shops and dining areas. There is ample outdoor seating in Madison Square Park. One Madison Square overlooks the park as well, and one of the buildings fits nicely with the Flatiron Building.

Unfortunately there are no tours or any way to get to the top of the Flatiron Building for tourists. The building is occupied by businesses and a few small shops on the ground floor.

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