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NYC father charged in baby's death: Left baby and toddler in bathtub alone

Father left baby and toddler in tub to go do dishes, baby is dead today and father charged in her death.
Father left baby and toddler in tub to go do dishes, baby is dead today and father charged in her death.
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A father who was cleaning up his apartment while giving his kids a bath, apparently forgot that he left the bathtub running with a three-year-old and a 14-month-old in the tub. It wasn't until the superintendent of the building came to the door complaining of water leaking like a "waterfall" from their apartment that the father found his youngest child underwater and unresponsive.

According to the New York Daily News on June 14, Dan Castillano, 23, was washing the dishes in his Bronx apartment while the tub was filling up with the kids inside. The three-year-old was unharmed, but this very well could have been two kids who drowned because of his carelessness.

The superintendent came to the door and told the father that his downstairs neighbors have a waterfall coming down their wall. Castillano was unaware that anything was wrong until he went into the bathroom to check on things.

The superintendent said the father let out a scream "the baby, the baby." Castillano tried to revive little Leslie Nicole Castillano by giving her mouth to mouth and chest compressions. He ran out of the apartment with the baby to get her to a hospital. Neighbors said the baby looked "black and blue," according to NBC News.

He then rushed the baby to Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, where the baby remained in critical condition for a short time. The toddler died of complications from the near drowning. It is not known how long she remained alive while at the hospital.

At the time the kids were in the tub Castillano was the only adult in the apartment so he was responsible for the children's welfare. Police report that the father was charged with manslaughter and he was arrested for criminally negligent homicide and endangering the welfare of a child.

Thankfully the little boy did not slip under the water. Now he will grow up knowing that his sister drowned in the bathtub with him also there. A three-year-old does not ordinarily understand the concept of drowning, so he probably has no idea what happened to his sister.

As he gets older he could be plagued with guilt over this, which was not his fault at all. What was this dad thinking leaving two tikes in a tub under the age of three? This horrific accident reinforces why parents shouldn't leave their little ones unattended in the bathtub.

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