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NYC crash landing: Emergency landing on highway, 3 suffer minor injuries

A NYC crash landing happened Saturday afternoon on an expressway located in the Bronx section of the city. A Jan. 4 report by Reuters revealed that the pilot and two passengers aboard the plane were treated for minor injuries. Fortunately, there were no car accidents on the heavily traveled highway as a result of the unexpected landing.

The small plane landed on a New York City's Major Deegan Expressway in the borough of the Bronx at about 3:20 p.m., the report said. Emergency officials said the NYC crash landing resulted in traffic being backed up in both directions for a while due to the incident.

According to the NYC Fire Department, the situation was immediately brought "under control."

It is not specified why the plane made the crash landing. It left Danbury, Conn. to view the Statue of Liberty and was returning when an onboard emergency signaled in the aircraft, which was a four-seat 1966 Piper PA. Crews worked to clear the area so traffic could flow smoothly again.

The three people injured after the NYC crash landing were transported to a nearby hospital for further observation.

It is a good thing more damage was not done with this plane emergency considering where it occurred. If there is anywhere one would expect disaster for sure, it would be during a NYC crash landing.

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