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NYC Animal Care & Control in need of canned food donations

A homeless dog at the AC&C waits to be fed
A homeless dog at the AC&C waits to be fed
Courtesy of NYC AC&C

Animal Care & Control of New York City recently issued a newsletter alerting the public to an unfortunate situation at its shelters: that all canned and soft food will no longer be provided, other than by donation, to the animals that they care for. However, because AC&C is under the auspices of New York City’s Department of Health, many animal welfare advocates say the newsletter is a glazed-over version of the real story behind what is going on at the AC&C.

In a dramatic slash of the budget for AC&C by the DOH – about $800,000 less this year -
all animals, young, old and nursing, will receive only dry food to eat twice per day. “Animals are going to suffer even more because of the city budget cuts -- we really need as much support as possible,” said an AC&C employee who declined to be identified. “The people who run this city don't care about animals, it’s embarrassing.”

AC&C employees and volunteers are working overtime to bring in corporate donations of both cash and goods. Recently, Petropolis, one of New York's most knowledgeable pet supply stores, has taken the lead in donating canned food to all three AC&C shelters.

After Petropolis owner Tazz Latifi caught wind of an urgent plea from an AC&C volunteer via Facebook over the weekend, she sent emails to her suppliers asking for help. “I called one of my suppliers and was basically like ‘look, you’re loaded and you need to do something for them,’” said Latifi. “And he did. He sold me cases of food at below wholesale prices.” Another of Petropolis’ suppliers agreed to donate eight cases of cat food and eight cases of dog food the following day.

As of the time that this article was published, Latifi donated 40 cases of food on her own dime and 40 more cases through customer donations. Additionally, 50 cases of cat food are due to ship out to the shelters on Monday morning. But it doesn't stop there. Petropolis is also offering a 5% discount for every can of food that comes off it's shelves, to be donated to AC&C.

More than 40,000 animals walk through the doors of the city’s shelters each year – they are victims of cruelty, neglect, and circumstance – and many don’t ever get to leave. “Misconceptions surrounding euthanasia prevents people from donating money to AC&C, who needs it more than any other shelter in the city,” said another AC&C employee who declined to be identified.

Food donations are not the only thing the animals at AC&C are in need of. Blankets, treats, toys, towels and comforters are also in high demand. To donate money, food or any of these items please see the locations of the AC&C shelters below.

AC&C — Manhattan Animal Care Center
326 East 110th Street
New York, NY 10029

Development Department
Animal Care & Control of New York City
11 Park Place, Suite 805
New York, NY 10007

AC&C — Brooklyn Animal Care Center
2336 Linden Boulevard
Brooklyn, NY 11208

AC&C — Staten Island Animal Care Center
3139 Veterans Road West
Staten Island, NY 10309



  • Cassandra James - Asia Travel Examiner 5 years ago

    I don't like to donate to animal shelters that put their animals to sleep. I prefer the no-kill shelters.

  • Pet Lover 5 years ago

    CJ - That's exactly the problem though...ACC has no money and no support, but they take in the most animals. If you don't like to give money to them because they put animals to sleep, then donate food! It's going straight to the animals' mouths, and they don't deserve your judgment just because no-kill shelters wouldn't take them in. ACC doesn't get to pick and choose.

  • Susan 5 years ago

    This is fantastic - way to go Petropolis!

    And I agree - CJ, no shelter WANTS to euthanize an animal, but due to negligent owners who don't spay/neuter and a lack of funding/support from the city, the ACC has no choice. Not supporting the ACC only hurts the animals.

  • MaybeSomeday 5 years ago

    First, Thank you Petropolis! I will be a loyal customer from now on. Second, Cassandra you have to understand that the ACC has a contract and by law must take in EVERY animal that comes through the doors. No-kill shelters pick and choose their animals, usually highly adoptable puppies and small breeds. Place the blame on people that don't spay/neuter their pets. Is it the animals' fault they ended up at the ACC? No. So donate food, blankets, and toys to give them comfort.

  • Treasured k9s 5 years ago

    Cassandra, if you don't like that the ACC kills animals, please do something to help so the shelter doesn't have to. No-Kill shelters still put animals to sleep if they fail very strict behavior evaluations or if they are ill. The ACC must take in every animal while a no-kill shelter has the luxury of refusing the animals. When the number of animals coming in far exceeds the number getting adopted, the shelter has NO choice but to euthanize. No one wants to euthanize animals. The ACC is in crisis and the animals in there need our help the most. By donating to the ACC at least you know the $ goes to help animals and not to pay high salaries to the executives.

  • EyesWideOpen 5 years ago

    I don't like to donate to animal shelters that put their animals to sleep. I prefer the no-kill shelters.

    Some No-Kills aren't that great... especially when the animals suffer from neglect & suffer to death.


    There are more just have to look for them.

  • Jennifer Second Chance 5 years ago

    I would strongly suggest you take a tour of one of the NYCACC shelters..those poor animals have nothing- you need to wake up.. it is not the shelters fault that stupid people breed their animals..

  • Maria Dee 5 years ago

    I am so disgusted by this, the USA is so quick to run to other countries to help them, meanwhile they cant even handle what goes on in their own backyard. Its really sickening. There are dogs there that wont be there that long, so while they are there they truly deserve a decent meal, one they can actually eat, alot have no teeth and alot are older dogs. They need soft food. And the cats deserve a clean litter box. Where is the money promised to the city shelters??? Who's pocket did it wind up in cause it certainly didnt make it to the shelter. Shame, shame, sham on the mayor and all the politicians who are in charge of allocating funds.

  • Maria Dee 5 years ago

    I really cant believe people are saying they wont support the ACC cause they euthanize animals, like its a choice they have. And Im on the fence with no kill shelters...there are worst things then death. Like spending their lives in pens for years and years. That isn't a life for an animal either. No kill means they live in a room and if they get walked they are lucky, they can pick and choose what they want to accept, the City Shelters do not. They take in old, new, pregnant, puppies, everything broken and hurt, healthy owner surrendered dogs, everything, no one is turned away. But again, death isnt the worst thing for some of these animals. Please educate yourself before you make such a blanket statement. Like others said, if you dont want to donate money, there is so much more that is needed. Just basiscs, such as canned foods, litter, blankets, toys, at least let them be comfortable and get a good meal before they are euthanied because of breeders and backyard breeders!

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