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NYC Animal Care & Control board meeting


  • Thomas Cole 5 years ago

    Thanks for this article, Reedu. Boy, is this confusing!

    Let me see if I understand this correctly from your article:

    1) The Animal Care & Control (ACC) shelter is a private charity with federal tax exemption.
    2) The ACC contracts with the city's Department of Health to get paid for providing animal care and control services.
    3) The ACC shelter's chairman of the board of directors is Dr. Farley.
    3) The director of the city's health department is Dr. Farley.
    4) Dr. Farley's private charity gets its funding from a contract with Dr. Farley's city health department.
    5) Dr. Farley's Department of Health controls the funds for animal care and control in NYC.
    6) Julie Bank, the new executive director of the private shelter who reports to Dr. Farley (who is both her boss and also the city guy in charge of her budget), said she is awaiting approval of the contract by government personnel.

    It does beg the question - is the ACC really a city pound or is it a private shelter?

  • Thomas Cole 5 years ago

    One more question - where the hell is the IRS and New York's Attorney General Andrew Cuomo in all of this? He must really be working hard on his campaign for governor. How can he not see this?

    Add up all 6 points and they equal = CONFLICT OF INTEREST!

    IRS, why does the ACC even need a 501(c)(3) exemption, much less qualify for one?

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