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NYBG's culinary kids food festival encourages healthy eating

Children learning the benefits of healthy eating
Children learning the benefits of healthy eating

To eat healthy or not to eat healthy, that is the question. While most parents make it their duty to teach their children the importance of eating nutritious foods, some kids would still elect to choose a cookie over corn on the cob.

How can parents instill healthy values in their children without boring them to tears? The answer can be found at the New York Botanical Garden's Culinary Kids Food Festival. NYBG's culinary food festival is an event that shows kids how seeds grown on a farm become some of their favorite foods.

From February 17th-23rd, budding foodies can take part in all the fun at NYBG. With cooking demonstrations, hands-on-workshops, taste testing, music, and other activities, children get educated on the values of eating right while learning the relationships between plants and farms. Families can visit various activity stations including the Cheesemonger's Shop, Tip-Tip Pickle Shop, and the Bakery to explore the processes, recipes, and ingredients that go into making food. At the end, children receive their own packet of basil to grow at home.

There's no better way to educate kids on the benefits of eating healthy then to make it an enjoyable experience, and there's no better place to do that then at the NYBG Culinary Kids Food Festival.