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NY yogurt debate comedy bit: Jon Stewart mocks Senate's ridiculous debate

The recent NY yogurt debate is becoming a comedy spectacle and Jon Stewart has now joined in to poke fun at the Senate's ridiculous floor debate on yogurt just one day after the Late Show‘s David Letterman mocked the state’s upper legislative chamber for a heated debate over whether yogurt should be the official state snack.

As said by Fox News Saturday, the Senate spent 45 minutes debating the merits of the legislation, which was introduced at the urging of students from a dairy-producing area in western New York.

N.Y. State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer, R-Amherst, proposed Bill S.6695, which would make yogurt New York's official state snack.

Voicing his support of the bill, Ranzenhofer said..."Yogurt is not only a delicious, healthy treat; it is also an economic driver for many communities in New York, with yogurt manufacturers located all across the state — from Western New York to Long Island. That is why yogurt is such a suitable choice to be New York’s State snack." He continued, "You have breakfast, lunch and dinner," explained Sen. Michael H. Ranzenhofer. "And then you have snacks."

Jon Stewart jokingly labeled the NY yogurt debate as being "the best 40 minutes any legislative chamber anywhere in the country has ever spent."

"This guy's like the Ken Jennings of yogurt!" Stewart exclaimed during Thursday night's NY yogurt debate comedy bit.

When State Senator Liz Krueger continues to ask more questions, Stewart yelled, “Are you f*cking kidding me! … Krueger, I got no patience for this nitpickery. Nobody–nobody!–wants to hear any more of your petty complaints about the yogurt bill.”

“The good people of New York do not give a sh*t,” he added.

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