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NY woman accused of beating bus driver for not making unscheduled stop

A Long Island woman was arrested Wednesday after a video surfaced of her allegedly violently attacking a Nassau Inter-County Express bus driver when the driver refused to make an unscheduled stop, Nassau County police said Feb. 26.

Ivey Dixon, 27, of Hempstead, is accused of attacking a Nassau Inter-County Express bus driver after the driver refused to make an unscheduled stop, police say.
Photo Credit: Nassau County Police Dept.

Ivey Dixon, 27, of Hempstead, was ordered held on $7,500 bail after facing a judge Thursday morning on a second-degree assault charge in connection with the incident.

Nassau County police said Dixon was a passenger on a westbound N6 express bus on Monday afternoon when she allegedly became upset that the driver would not make an unscheduled stop. The driver said Dixon became belligerent and cursed at her until they reached the next stop at New Hyde Park Road in Floral Park. As the bus arrived at the next stop, Dixon – with her young daughter at her side – allegedly began to repeatedly punch the female driver in the head before running off the bus, a police news release said.

The bus driver, Keisha McGregor, 38, showed up in court Thursday after police apprehended her alleged assailant. “I just wanted to see my attacker, look her in the face and see what she would have to say for herself,” McGregor told reporters outside the courtroom.

The attack was captured on cell phone video by two passengers and later passed along to local television stations. McGregor said not one of the approximately 30 passengers on the bus tried to help her or call 911.

“I really appreciate the guys who took the video, but I think they should have did (sic) more…nobody calls 911; nobody does anything.”

In a statement to investigators, Dixon said she “lost it” when the driver refused to stop near her son’s school. “I didn’t have any money to take the bus back to the school. I asked the driver to open the door to let me and my daughter out. She didn’t.”

“I should have got off the stop and let it be. I only hit the driver when I was angry. I want to apologize to her.”

Dixon – who has three young children – remained silent for a majority of her brief court appearance. Her Legal Aid attorney said the single mother is currently unemployed and told the judge she had never been arrested before, asking him to release her without setting bail.

DA Law Assistant Erica Zimmerman said McGregor was hospitalized after the attack and suffered “a great deal of pain to her head,” while arguing the severity of McGregor’s injuries warranted bail being set.

Nassau County District Court Supervising Judge Norman St. George ultimately ordered her jailed on $7,500 cash or $15,000 bond. He also signed a protective order, which prohibits Dixon from contacting the bus driver.

Outside the courtroom, McGregor said she won’t be satisfied until she knows her attacker is serving prison time.

“I just want justice.”

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