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NYC pop-quiz

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NY-Q25. Manhattan Island was sold in XVIII century by Lenape Indians to Dutch Peter Minuit for approximately?
a). 300 Roubles
b). 250 Drahmas
c). 40 Roupies
d). 75 Krugerrands
e). 60 Guiders, or about $24

NY-Q26. How many boroughs in the New York City?
a). 3.14
b). 4
c). 5
d). 6
e). 10% more than rivers

NY-Q27. Fifth Avenue divides Manhattan into?
a). North and South
b). Downtown and Midtown
c). East and West sides
d). Brooklyn and Bronx
e). Long Island and Staten Island


New York City is considered the miracle of the world, or the capital of the world, or both. Check your knowledge/understanding of the "City-that-never-sleeps".
...and the correct answers are: (e), (c) and (c)

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