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NYC trivia quiz

The American Museum of Natural History (NY quiz)
Alexander Bell

NY-Q22. Who was the co-founder of American Museum of Natural History in NY?
a). Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
b). Theodore Roosevelt, President of the U.S.
c). Theodore Roosevelt, Sr., the father of 26th U.S. President
d). Fiorello LaGuardia, Mayor of New York
e). Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the U.S.

NY-Q23. New York SOHO stands for what?
a). Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
b). South of Houston Street
c). South of Hollywood Road
d). Safety and Occupational Health Office
e). Small Office/Home Office department store

NY-Q24. Radio City Music Hall, considered to be the largest indoor theater in the world, has?
a). 3000 seats
b). Less than 4000 seats
c). Between 4000 and 5000 seats
d). About 6000 seats
e). More than 7000 seats


New York City is considered the miracle of the world, or the capital of the world, or both. Check your knowledge/understanding of the "City-that-never-sleeps".
...and the correct answers are: (c), (b) and (d)

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