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New York City quiz

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NY-Q7. Select from the following list the only one correct name of the store in Manhattan, NY:
a). Goldman Saks Fifth Avenue
b). Van Cleef and Arpeggio
c). Breakfast at Tiffanys
d). Anthropologie

NY-Q8. Brooklyn Bridge, one of the most recognizable NY staples, is a suspension bridge across what?
a. East River
b. Hudson River
c. Harlem River
d. Manhattan River
e. Niagara Falls

NY-Q9. Abbreviation "UES" in the New York City is almost universally associated with what?
a). Uptown Educational Society
b). Upper East Side
c). Universal Engineering Services
d). Urban Elementary School
e). Universidad de El Salvador

New York City is considered the miracle of the world, or the capital of the world, or both. Check your knowledge/understanding of the "City-that-never-sleeps"... and the correct answers are: (d), (a) and (b)

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