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NY City trivia quiz

New York City trivia quiz: Sun Triangle (NY-Q4)
Alexander Bell

NY-Q4. What is a symbolic meaning of the The Sun Triangle near McGraw-Hill Building in Manhattan NY (select one)?
a). It points to the New York Sun office building in Manhattan
b). It symbolizes the Sun Microsystems software products
c). Its 3 sides point to the Sun positions on solstices and equinoxes
d). It symbolizes Dow Jones, S&P 500 and NASDAQ indices peak values

NY-Q5. Which of the following IS NOT a correct name of the building in Manhattan?
a). Puck building
b). Flatiron building
c). SuperTramp building
d). Lipstick building
e). The Orion

NY-Q6. What is the correct spelling of the most popular NY City borough?
a). Manhatten
b). Manhattan
c). Manhetten
d). Manhatan
e). Manhatann

New York City is considered the miracle of the world, or the capital of the world, or both. Check your knowledge/understanding of the "City-that-never-sleeps" ...and the correct answers are: (c), (c) and (b)

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