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New York City trivia quiz

New York City trivia quiz (NY-Q1)
New York City trivia quiz (NY-Q1)
Alexander Bell

NY-Q1. Can you identify the image?
a). The Big Bang at Hayden Planetarium, Rose Center for Earth and Space, NY
b). The lobby of Kennedy Space Center
c). "Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh at MoMA, NY
d). GE Building at Rockefeller Center, entrance to "Top of the Rock"
e). Cirque du Soleil performing at Madison Square Gardens

NY-Q2. What Avenue in Manhattan is officially named as Avenue of the Americas?
a). Third Avenue
b). West Avenue
c). Fifth Avenue
d). Sixth Avenue
e). Vanderbilt Avenue

NY-Q3. Which Avenue serves as the dividing line between East and West sides in Manhattan?
a). Third Avenue
b). Fifth Avenue
c). Seventh Avenue
d). West Avenue
e). Avenue of the Americas

New York City is considered the miracle of the world, or the capital of the world, or both. Check your knowledge/understanding of the "City-that-never-sleeps"...and the correct answers are: (d), (d) and (b)

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