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NY prison guard scandal: 'Jail review' comes after former prison guard sentenced

A NY prison guard scandal has caused a "jail review" according to MSN News. Apparently, Nancy Gonzalez -- a former prison guard -- admitted to not only having sex with several of her co-workers, but with two inmates as well. On March 10 it was reported that this all happened at the Metropolitan Detention Center over the course of two years.

Last month, Gonzalez "pleaded guilty to having illegal sexual contact with inmate Ronell Wilson, who had been convicted in 2006 in the point-blank shooting of two undercover police officers" (MSN News). She was sentenced to one year in prison. According to Gonzalez's attorney, however, no legal action was taken against any of the other guards whom his client told the prosecution about.

The NY prison guard scandal has now evolved into a jail review but some experts don't think anything will come out of it. Apparently there is like a "known rule" that sex inside prison facilities happens and most people turn the other way and ignore it. The people who tend to want it to stop? The other inmates. In this case, some had written "anonymous" letters to try and out Gonzalez's relationships.

"The fact that Gonzalez got away with having an affair with Wilson for several weeks suggests she was operating in an environment where 'everything and everyone was fair game,' [corrections expert Brenda V. Smith] said. 'I'm sure there are correctional officers who were not so surprised by her conduct. She just happened to be the one who got caught'" (MSN News).

More on the NY prison guard scandal in the video above.

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