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NY City museums trivia-quiz

Sappho, NY Metropolitan Museum of Art
Sappho, NY Metropolitan Museum of Art
Alexander Bell

NY-Q41. What is a "Museum Mile" in New York City?
a). The area from 82nd to 105th streets on Fifth Avenue
b). The area near Museum of Natural History on 8th Ave
c). The unit of length used in artistic world
d). The area surrounding Museum of Modern Art

NY-Q42. Who was the founding president of the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art?
a). Andrew Carnegie
b). John Taylor Johnston
c). John Pierpont Morgan
d). Marquis de Lafayette
e). Alexander Hamilton

NY-Q43. NY MoMA stands for what?
a). Mortgage on Manhattan Apartment
b). Medal of Martial Art
c). Marathon on Madison Avenue
d). Museum of Mural Arts
e). Museum of Modern Art

Check your knowledge/understanding of the "City-that-never-sleeps" | correct answers are: (a), (b) and (e)

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