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NY Moore Hostel is best value in NYC

Recommended hostel in NYC
Recommended hostel in NYC
Jai Waltz

Any traveler who doesn't have friends or family in New York City will empathize with how hard it is
to find an affordable hotel in New York City. Aside from Hosteling International in the Upper West
Side, it is unlikely that one can find a place to stay for under one hundred dollars a night in
Manhattan. Even if anyone can afford to spend that much money on a hotel, he may end up with
a creepy closet for a room.

Don't overlook the other boroughs though. NY Moore Hostel, for example, is in Williamsburg,
what's now known as a trendy area in Brooklyn. Even with rooms that place three or more
people, they are huge! Each room has lockers for each person so its a safe hostel. There are
clean bathrooms for each room. There is a big common area where people can watch tv,
socialize, and use the wireless internet. The staff is beyond friendly. They go above and beyond
to make sure everyone has a great stay at their hostel and they are good with providing travel
tips to tourists.

Most American hostels don't have the European home away from home feel to them like in
European hostels. But for some reason, visitors to this particular hostel can easily meet other
travelers right away. People are eager to introduce themselves and make friends as they do in

The surrounding area is decent as well. It is considered "up and coming", but in the past two years, there have been improvements in the area. There are several bars within walking distance on Flushing and Bushwick Avenue as well as some of the side streets. In fact, there is a tiki bar right down the street from the hostel on Moore Street which has amazing outdoor seating. There are ethnic restaurants all around, but one in particular is Note Thai, which is a Thai takeaway place that serves home cooked Thai food. The people are friendly from the moment customers walk in to the minute they leave, and the food is good too. There is only two small tables so it would be best to take it back to the hostel and eat it in the comfortable living room.

So whether traveling to New York City or a newcomer who's looking for an apartment, NY Moore
Hostel provides the best atmosphere and best value for money of most any hostel or hotel in
New York City.

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