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NY City lifestyle pop-quiz

Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, NY
Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, NY
Alexander Bell

NY-Q44. Can you identify the image?
a). Hayden Planetarium
b). Apple store on Fifth in Manhattan
c). NY Museum of Modern Art
d). The Food Emporium store in NYC

NY-Q45. What is the correct name of a store in Manhattan NY (select one)?
a). Goldman Sachs Fifth Avenue
b). Van Cleef and Arpeggio
c). Republic of Banana
d). Armani Stocks Exchange
e). Anthropologie

NY-Q46. Which one IS NOT the name of a Restaurant in New York City?
a). Quantum Leap Natural Food
b). Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
c). Goat Town
d). Jurassic Pork Creamy Dijon
e). Chez Napoleon

Check your knowledge/understanding of the "City-that-never-sleeps" eclectic lifestyle | ...correct answers are: (b), (e) and (d)

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