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NY Fashion Week favorites




In a recent article about winter essentials, I kept mentioning J.Crew. Sure enough, J.Crew mens fashion designer, Frank Muytjens, is a best new menswear designer. I think we all go to J.Crew and appreciate their stylish clothes. Maybe you (like me) have a couple of button downs or a tie from J.Crew, but have never really explored how transformative these clothes can be for your wardrobe. And let me tell you, transforming will not be an arduous task because this guy Frank is serious. He really isn't playing when it comes to well cut, modern, gentleman's clothing. I was shopping in J.Crew yesterday and fell in love with their jasper tees and polos. 100 percent cotton and one of the most comfortable shirts I've wore.  Casual-cool looks, laidback-sophisticate looks, affordable prices, and excellent selections when it comes to suits and ties. Do yourself a favor and visit a J.Crew or visit their online store. 

I'm also fond of Band of Outsiders. I like the way their suits are cut and i like the way their clothes exude youthfulness. Band of Outsiders, for lack of a better word, is hip. Super-hip and super-stylish. If you are in your twenties and feel like it's time to invest in a superb piece of clothing, check out Band of Outsiders at Before you flip out, the web page primarily sales avant garde men's clothing, like designers Rick Owens and Martin Margiela. Clothes you and I were not meant to wear. Band of Outsiders also makes stylish women's clothing. Just in case your girlfriend has an affinity for style or if you actually happen to meet a woman looking like the women in the slideshow. For the love of God. Please. Be prepared. Be stylish. Be you. NY Fashion Week is over and I admired the 2010 J.Crew, Perry Ellis (yes, you read correctly), Band of Outsiders, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger collections. Enjoy the slideshow of the 2010 collections.