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NY Fashion Bloggers Project: Apneet Kaur/ Who is Apneet?

The hipster blogger extraordinaire mixes discount store lipstick with thrift store finds, and a Rebecca Minkoff Bag. White sandals by Soles Shoes.
The hipster blogger extraordinaire mixes discount store lipstick with thrift store finds, and a Rebecca Minkoff Bag. White sandals by Soles Shoes.
photos by Faith Bowman

While was looking through the Cat Footwear website looking at sandals the examiner found Apneet Kaur. The doe-eyed beauty was the epitome of hipster style, living in Bushwick and posting photos of the teas she's obsessed with. A bundle of energy, Apneet is a sort of blogging James Franco. She sings, plays basketball, is a social media expert, loves 90s fashion, and pursues her passion for journalism and music with single-minded intensity. Who is Apneet? A mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a grey Walmart sweater.

Faith Bowman: How did you start blogging?

Apneet Kaur: I started blogging because I wanted a place online where I could display my work, as I started getting published as a fashion journalist. I was writing stories and reports on sample sales, fashion week coverage, etc. It all started with a Sparknotes column and grew from there. Then I started with Racked, after sending them my Sparknotes clips. Then I went back to college and worked for the school newspaper. I was staff writer, web editor, features editor. The next freelance contract was with Refinery 29. In between I did things like commissions for Vestal Magazine, and later, H&M’s Lifestyle magazine.

Blogging has it's perks but that's not my central motivation to blog. Sometimes a reader will send me an email, and that's the best thing. There are people who reached out to me a couple years ago, and I still keep in touch with them.

FB: What made you start writing?

AK: I picked up journalism when I was out of school for a year. My college doesn't have a journalism major, which is why I threw myself into the school newspaper. I just really love writing, and recording and telling stories. I think that's the thing with my generation. Blogging and social media go hand in hand, and we produce so much and document so much it'll be interesting to look back and see that in 20 years.

FB:. You study music; what drew you to that?

AK: Music has always been a big part of my life. It's my passion. I started playing the flute when I was 11, the bass at 13, and even learned the bassoon for a short stint in an orchestra at 15. I was also singing in large choral groups, and singing opera and jazz. When I went to college , there weren't many choices for young singers. The “in” is basically to study classical voice. I thought I might pursue opera, but it wasn't fitting into my lifestyle. Now I'm finishing my studies in flute, as an instrumentalist.

FB: It sounds like your parents really encouraged you!

AK: I was a sheltered child, not allowed to go out after school. It was at school that I was able to experiment and do other activities. I would go to school an hour early for marching band, take all my classes, then go to basketball practice after school. I just ended up doing it all.

FB: How would you describe your style?

AK: My style changes on a day to day basis. I don't really have any fashion icons. I take my inspirations from things like nature, anything French. I love Anna Karina, she's a babe. I'm inspired by my surroundings, buildings, texture. Gay Talese, one of my favorite authors, wore a suit every day, and I decided to buy a suit because of his stories. People don’t think literature can have an element of style, but certain authors like Raymond Chandler are meticulous in describing what a character in the story is wearing down the the feather in the hat. I pick and choose what trends I'm liking. I don't really shop at a lot of new stores, because I buy a lot of vintage.

I have these enormous, 10 sizes too big, denim camouflage overalls that I like to wear, because I feel like deerhunter or 90s rapper in them. I think fashion should be fun. Some bloggers take it really seriously, with the same a-line skirts and sky high heels. I have a 90’s Walmart sweater that has been passed around among my friends. I love it for the associations and sentimental value as much as the look.

I don’t take selfies, I'm too self-conscious for that.

FB: How did you end up moving to New York?

AK: I moved here from California when I was 18 to go to college. I was going to stay home in California, but I got an opportunity to come to New York to go to Mannes Conservatory the New School for Music, and then I transferred to Hunter College, where I'm finishing next year.

FB: Do you see yourself being in the fashion in five years?

AK: It depends on what happens. I don't have a 5 year plan or anything. Right now I'm taking opportunities as they come, especially if they're right for me. Even if they're not right for me, I might try them out. I'm paralyzed with fear the unknown, so I'd rather try something and fail than not to try at all. I kind of just live in the moment. I think not worrying about it too much is where I should be. I think my dream job, is to be an editor by day and a symphony flautist by night. I'd have to live two lives.

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