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NY Fashion Blogger Project: Amy Vosejpka of Not-Official (exclusive)

1. Amy wears Bow & Drape short suit at LAUNCH NYC 2. Sporting a Tom Ford trench at Fashion Fights Cancer's DIY Turbans event 2. BTS wearing a sweater from Solemio and Desigual bangles.
1. Amy wears Bow & Drape short suit at LAUNCH NYC 2. Sporting a Tom Ford trench at Fashion Fights Cancer's DIY Turbans event 2. BTS wearing a sweater from Solemio and Desigual bangles.
all photos by Faith Bowman

Amy Vosejpka of Not-Official is an anomaly. A mid-western girl with the gloss of an international fashion icon. A down-to-earth character, with the ability to guillotine inferior products and ideas. She has the grace and good humor necessary to tell what's good, what's great, and what needs to be ignored- but she does it with humor and insight. Amy' love and knowledge of fashion history is encyclopedic, but she still shops at Forever 21 (while wearing Tom Ford). After meeting the future market-editor at LAUNCH NYC this past fashion week, Amy was an obvious choice for the New York Fashion Bloggers Project.

Faith Bowman: I love the fact that you're from Chicago... how long have you been in NY and what brought you here?

Amy Vosejpka: I moved to NYC 5 1/2 years ago after college. I think subconsciously I knew fashion was important but to me it was so ingrained as just a part of life, that I never was able to fully see it for more than that until I moved to New York. Once I got here, I knew it had to be my career.

FB: Your site, Not-Official, is amazing. When did you start blogging?

AV: Thank you! Well, as fellow bloggers know, it’s not only very hard work to be a professional blogger but it’s also a continuing challenge to keep your brand identity consistent. When I started my first blog, Wire Silhouette, a few years ago, it did just the opposite-it turned into something unexpected and not consistent with the vision I had or who I was as an individual. It definitely taught me a lot about what I didn’t want! That’s when I went back to the drawing board and created Not Official. That was almost 2 years ago now.

FB: Do you feel that your professional styling background gives you insight that others don't have?

AV: I think you have style or you don’t. It’s very difficult to teach someone to have style. For me, I feel as if it comes so natural. I do think my professional time as a stylist has helped as I can usually see a trend and know if its going to go somewhere or a garment and know instantly if it will flatter me, or my client, or not. Many times when you are on set, things don’t go as planned, and this calls for creativity-how can I make this work? And in that regard it has nurtured my creative thinking, for sure. I also think it has helped me to conduct business better and create more brand relationships.

FB: Your outfits always knock me out- how do you decide what to wear? What inspires you?

AV: If you only saw my desk! (haha) It is covered with magazines, clippings, photos, anything and everything that I find beautiful or intriguing! I also am a bit of a nut when it comes to fashion history so I have many many books on different past trends, designer bios, documentaries, you name it, that I search very often. I think it’s really important to know how the fashion industry started and where it has gone over the decades and why. It’s absolutely fundamental to being in the industry and truly helps you not only appreciate it that much more but gage where fashion may be heading in the future.

FB: How often do you shop for new clothing? Or do you have things sent to you for blogging purposes?

AV: Oh goodness! (laughing) I am forever on the hunt for new clothing and accessories. You have to! Of course I use a few staples time and time again in my posts, but I think it’s important, especially in this era of fast fashion, to be fresh and stay on top of trends. It seems like there are more and more trends popping up from the runways each season, which is always a good thing for stylists and bloggers! You can never go wrong! (haha)

FB: What do you think blogging will lead to for you? Where do you see yourself going with this?

AV: Just seeing how blogging has changed over the years and the opportunities it has given to popular bloggers, I honestly think sky’s the limit. For me, if I wasn’t blogging, I would love to be a Market Editor for a magazine or department store. I am very much into emerging talent (as its one of my main platforms on Not Official) and predicting trends. I also love creating stories and presentations. Pretty much anything to do with research and scouting is a huge passion of mine. All of which, luckily for me, fall into duties of a market editor.

FB: What do you do when you're not running to photo shoots and blogging?

AV: As in any new business you have to go out and make opportunities for yourself-trust me, no one if knocking down my door right now. So when I’m not blogging or doing a photo shoot I am running to events (sometimes more than one a night)-networking, meeting new designers or brands, and just pretty much trying to get my name out there. I wish I could say I take relaxing trips to the Caribbean but the fact is I am always working.

**This shoot featured clothing samples courtesy of Desigual and haircare products courtesy of Fudge Urban. Click through the slideshow for product and pricing info.**

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