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NY dog forced to live in snow-covered car in freezing weather-and it's legal!

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UPDATED FEBRUARY 2, 2014-Friends of Timber's owner have come forward saying allegations against the owner have escalated from an ongoing feud that dates back several years. This is allegedly the newest method their enemies have taken to attack the owners. To spread exaggerations using the internet. Timber is said to be chained to the porch and not the car itself, and that the family doesn't try to hide the fact the dog lives in the car.


Officials have investigated Timber and determined he is healthy and his owner has provided him with food, water and shelter. They will stay on top of the situation to be sure Timber is treated well under NY law.

This is a very strange situation, and may or may not be putting a dog's life in jeopardy.

According to a Facebook post on the FreeLennox Justiceforgage dated January 23, this dog is living outside in a snow-covered automobile in Livonia, New York, and no laws are being broken.

The Husky, known as Timber, lives in a snow-covered car with the door open. Not only is the car his home, he's also chained to it. When Timber's owner goes anywhere, he shuts the car door and takes the dog with him. Witnesses have described how Timber is taken for walks by leaving him chained to the car and allowing him to run alongside the vehicle to get his exercise.

Those who have met Timber describe him as "very thin."

Huskies are accustomed to living in frigid conditions. Often used as sled dogs in Alaska, the breed is known for being able to withstand cold even without a shelter. In the wild, they are staked out in the snow without any kind of shelter.

Those who are wanting Timber removed from this troubling situation tell of police being called on several occasions, but when Timber's owner hears his address on the police scanner, he brings the dog inside.

Dog control was notified, and their response was allegedly that the car is better than some doghouses. Neighbors have complained, but nothing has changed. The SPCA Police has supposedly come out, and given the following statement on their Facebook page.

"Timber has a new dog house and the option to still snuggle back in his back seat should he wish. He also has an underground area filled with hay and insulated. We are scheduling Timber for his vet appointment for shots and vaccines but as u can see he is in good shape."

The SPCA is working with the owner to care for this dog.

Huskies are accustomed to living in frigid conditions. Often used as sled dogs in Alaska, the breed is known for being able to withstand cold even without a shelter. In the wild, they are staked out in the snow without any kind of shelter.

It was four degrees outside when the photo in this article was taken. Animal advocate Jere Finer spoke with the Livingston County Sheriff's Office and was told that the law states a dog can remain outside in such a shelter unless the temperatures dip below 0 degrees.

The owner is bringing the dog inside when that happens, or so the department was told.The sheriff's department is also said to be visiting the dog every day and there isn't anything else they can do since the owner is following the law.

Animal advocates are threatening to go out in the cold and the snow and rescue Timber. Unfortunately, their efforts could easily end in an arrest, since according to the law, no crime has been committed against this dog. But does the law being upheld also mean the owner is doing the right thing by his dog?

Is Timber's owner homeless, or does he have a nice warm place to lay his head at night, while allowing his companion to fend for himself in the cold and snow? On the SPCA Police page, a home can be seen near the automobile Timber is forced to crawl into to try to stay warm.

There are a lot of questions that need answers here. Please feel free to use the comment section of this article as a forum. There are simply too many threads on Facebook concerning Timber, and those who want to help need a common link to discuss Timber's future.

Those wanting change, or to simply get permission to offer Timber a better life, are asked to call the Livingston County Sheriff's Office at (585)243-7100. You can check Timber's status on the SPCA Police Facebook page.

Is Timber truly receiving the care he deserves? A four degree variation in outside temperature means the law is being followed. That still doesn't make it right to force a dog to live in a snow-covered car.

Your comments are welcome.



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