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NY City to step-up rat patrol

City rat.
City rat.

New York City is escalating its war against rats, by allocating $611,000 in new funding to “track and exterminate colonies of the disease carrying rodents in their own tunnels including those living in subways and parks. The program will begin July 1, and will be overseen by Health Commissioner Mary T. Bassett. This will include closing up the burrows, preventing the rats from gaining access to food, and educating members of the communities as well as property owners.

In addition, Bassett announced that the City has started a new Center for Health Equity as part of Mayor deBlasio’s initiative to narrow the gap between wealthy and poor income areas by improving access to health care for neighborhoods with higher incidences of poor health care and “early death.” The program, which is being funded with $3.2 million from the executive budget, will also incorporate local healthcare workers to educate residents on how to manage their asthma, diabetes, and high blood pressure, etc., as well as encourage enrollment in insurance programs.