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NY bill allows third trimester abortion, means more babies killed with poison

Hypodermic needle
Hypodermic needle
Wikipedia/Andrew Magill

Late last month the New York state assembly passed a bill that will expand abortions into the third trimester. This will mean late term abortions, when this procedure is done babies are injected with poison before being delivered.

Abortions that take place later in a woman's pregnancy, the unborn are often injected with a chemical agent like digoxin which stops the infant's beating heart before it's delivered.

The bill is known as the ‘Women’s Equality Act,’ the legislation will now head to the New York State Senate for a vote. If the bill is passed it will allegedly allow a woman to abort her unborn infant well into the third trimester.

Speaker Sheldon Silver and the Democratic Women Assembly Members, announced the passage of the Women's Equality Act. The bill is said to reaffirm "a woman's right to control her own personal and private reproductive health decisions."

Assembly member Deborah Glick had the following to say about the legislation:

Forty years after Roe v. Wade, many women still do not have full control over their bodies. This cowardly threat to a woman's freedom of choice prevents full equality from ever truly being realized. Well, here in New York this will not stand.

The Women's Equality Act ensures that New York will remain a safe, progressive and empowering state, where a woman will always have full control over her reproductive health and her choices.

The contention between the assembly and the senate came from the abortion expansion which will allow an unborn baby to be killed at any stage of the pregnancy. It also allows abortion to be performed for virtually any reason. It would allow non-doctors to perform surgical procedures.

The bill is also said to contain no conscience protection measures for health professionals who opposed the murder of the unborn. At any time during the second trimester, late abortions can be performed.

This is often done through dismembering the unborn piece by piece until the baby is totally removed from a woman's uterus. If the NY senate passes the bill abortions can take place during the third trimester.

After the abortion, the doctor performing the murder must reassemble the parts to ensure none are left inside the woman. Life says because of the abortion expanding "Woman's Equality Act" abortions into the third trimester could be performed; this would be totally legal in NY.

The thing that's so ironic about the Woman's Equality Act is that it never takes into consideration the unborn females that will be killed through abortion. Where's their equality in this? It takes a special type of callousness, coldness in the human heart human depravity that will fight tooth and nail to allow the killing of the unborn.

It's only through human depravity where the beating heart of an unborn baby can be injected with poison. The mother's womb used to be the safest place for a baby, but that's no longer the case.

The number of unborn babies murdered by New York abortionists for the year 2010 was 83,750, according to a recent report by this Examiner, is enough to fill MetLife Stadium.

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