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NXOEED and James B. Hunt invite you on a weekend Art Scavenger Hunt

NXOEED and James B. Hunt give you an art hunt
NXOEED and James B. Hunt give you an art hunt
Photo courtesy of NXOEED presents

Scavenger hunt, sightseeing, free art – could you think of a better way to spend a Saturday?

That is exactly what James B. Hunt is bringing to the downtown Phoenix area for his newest solo show, “FIND.”

As he is often want to do, Hunt will be temporarily decorating a random downtown Phoenix wall with ten new paintings this Saturday, May 10th. He will be posting clues and photos of the wall to his Facebook Event Page HERE, so that you can find the artistic treasures.

If your skills as a super sleuth are up to par, Hunt encourages you to take home your favorite piece of work as a prize for your effort. Please only take one though, so others may enjoy the spoils of their hard work.

These semi-annual “Art Hunts” have become a common showcase event for Hunt’s work in recent years, even though his popularity has afforded him reserved space in many gallery exhibitions. Hunt enjoys the experience of decorating the urban landscape, and hiding his works in public areas whenever a spot calls to him. So anytime you are in the downtown area and see a random piece of art where it might not seem to belong, feel free to rescue it and take it home with you.

What: NXOEED “FIND” Solow Show by James B. Hunt
When: Saturday, May 10th
Where: ???????

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