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NWA World Heavyweight Champion retains at NWA Houston event in Cypress

NWA World Champion Adam Pearce hits a piledriver on Jaykus Plisken en route to his victory on Friday night.
NWA World Champion Adam Pearce hits a piledriver on Jaykus Plisken en route to his victory on Friday night.
"Heartthrob" Phillip Barnard

It was quite the interesting night at NWA Houston this past Friday night in Cypress. Their event, "Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil" involved two NWA World Championship matches, and the crowning of a new champion.

As the night started, Tony Brooklyn was introduced as the new CEO of NWA Lonestar. This will be the flagship for NWA Houston, as well as several other cities throughout Texas. After that announcement it was time for an appearance from "Mr. Showtime" Scot Summers, the leader of the Psycho Circus. He alluded to the fact that while he was not present at the September 30 event, Ken Carson attacked Circus member Jen-Alise. He questioned those actions, but was suprisingly interrupted by "The Scottish Nightmare" Wallace Gordon. He confronted Summers and challenged him to fight, since Sumers didn't have anything going for the night. Reluctantly, the leader of the Psycho Circus agreed, and an impromptu match had begun. However within minutes, Summers made quick work of Gordon, forcing him into submission.

The first official match of the evening would see "The Name That Entertains" Jasper Davis facing "Gentleman" Jack Jameson, who was accompanied by David Stahr. The two locked up in the middle of the ring, but Davis gained advantage with a quick armdrag. Before Jameson could blink, he was met with a jarring spinebuster, but was able to kick out of the ensuing pin attempt. Jameson would later use Stahr to his advantage. After catching Davis with a vicious kick to the face in the corner, he distracted the referee so the "Hebrew Phenom" could get in a few cheap shots. However it wouldn't be enough to keep the proud soldier down. As Jameson moved back in, he was caught offguard with an exploder suplex and then with a death valley driver for the victory.

NWA Lonestar CEO Tony Brooklyn made his way back to the ring, and introduced the brand new NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, Kevin Douglas. The man known as "The Modern Day Hero" competed in Charlotte, North Carolina on October 7 in a one-night tournament to crown a new champion and was able bring the gold back to NWA Houston. Douglas said that while he was very proud to be the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, he would be relinquishing his NWA Lonestar Junior Heavyweight belt that he won over the summer. He then addressed his challenger for the night, Bolt Brady, and said he considered the match an honorable first title defense.

The first of four championship matches was ready to take the stage, as NWA Houston crowned brand new NWA Lonestar Tag Team Champions. The team of "The Texas Torture Machine" DJ King and "Benchmark" Silky Baines are the new champions, after disposing of The Crusaders, Pop'n & Lock. Silky put the finish in motion, with a devastating DDT onto Crusader Lock on the floor. After that, it was pretty much academic for the challengers, as they had a handicap situation with Crusader Pop'n, and they used a vicious double team finish for the win. Silky put Pop'n on his shoulders, as King came off the ropes and sent the lone Crusader crashing into the mat. Silky made the cover, and shattered The Crusaders' title reign after just one month. With the new attitude of the "Texas Torture Machine" and the roll that he and Silky have been on as a unit lately, it's going to be interesting to see if there is a tag team that can match up with this force.

With Halloween just around the corner, it would be only fitting that somebody come to the ring dressed as a staple of the holiday. A man dressed as "Jason Voorhees" made his way to the ring, and revealed himself to be none other than "One Man" Mike Dell from the Psycho Circus. Dell was set for singles action against Ken Carson. On September 30, Carson defeated Dell en route to becoming the #1 Contender to the NWA Lonestar Championship but only after Barbi Hayden was used as a shield against a top rope elbow drop from Dell. Carson started this match early, dodging an early attack from Dell. Carson dominated a majority of the match, but the turning point came after he was caught unexpected with a tornado DDT. Dell quickly moved to the top rope, and caught Carson with the same top rope elbow drop that he inadvertantly dropped on Barbi only two weeks ago. However before he could make the pin, the new tag team champions (Silky Baines and DJ King) hit the ring and launched an assault on Dell. This brought out Scot Summers, who sent the champs packing for the locker room. Dell grabbed the microphone and challenged the two for a match, but they were quick to back down. NWA Lonestar CEO Tony Brooklyn stepped in and informed Silky and King that on November 11, they would defend the NWA Lonestar Tag Team Championships against Summers and Dell.

Speaking of title matches, that set the fans up for a match between Barbi Hayden and Jen-Alise. This would be the final match in a series of matches these two have had, with each gaining a victory. The winner would come out as the decisive, undisputed NWA Lonestar Women's Champion. This was an intriguing back-and-forth confrontation that saw something very shocking. At one point in the match, Jen-Alise was looking for a distraction tactic and pulled the ultimate rabbit out of her hat. She grabbed referee Scott ZenZen and locked lips with him! As the fans looked on in utter shock, an unidentified female hit the ring and attacked Barbi. That was all the challenger needed, as she pinned Hayden and became the brand new NWA Lonestar Women's Champion.

The trail of title matches continued, as the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion "Modern Day Hero" Kevin Douglas was set for action against fellow fan favorite Bolt Brady. The challenger had suffered an injury over the summer and had just recently returned to action. Douglas saw Brady as a top contender to not only his title, but the NWA Lonestar Junior Heavyweight Title as well. Coming off an exhausting week-long stretch that brought him back to the Houston area, Douglas was able to keep up with the always lightning-quick Brady. The two traded shots and reversals back and forth throughout the match, but a crucial mistake by Douglas nearly turned his title reign upside down. With Brady backed up to the turnbuckle, Douglas moved in for a splash but caught only the unforgiving turnbuckle. Knowing a title cannot ordinarily change hands on a countout, Brady gave chase and threw the champion back into the ring. Douglas would eventually get back into the match, hitting a crowd-pleasing flatliner for the victory. Following the match, Douglas shook Brady's hand and told him that if anybody should be in line for a shot at the NWA Lonestar Junior Heavyweight Title, Brady should be at the top of the list.

That would bring us to the main event. NWA Houston was honored to have the NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce come to Cypress and put the most prestigious championship in the business on the line against the NWA Lonestar Champion, Jaykus Plisken. This match started off as normal as could be, with both men testing each other with reversals and quick counters. However disaster seemed to strike early on. Pearce sent Plisken to the ropes, but Plisken turned the tables with a running knee strike. Pearce hit the mat and instinctively rolled to the outside. This is where things got interesting. As soon as Pearce rolled to the floor, he immediately clutched his knee and writhed in obvious pain. The crowd gasped in fear, as the referee and ringside security rushed to his aid to address what looked to be a serious injury. Even Jaykus, who was looking on, went to the outside to help Pearce back to his feet. As the referee was preparing to stop the match entirely, Pearce was "magically" back to his feet and assaulting Plisken from behind. Pearce had fooled everybody in the building into thinking he was legitimately hurt. He then grabbed Plisken and launched him through about three rows of ringside chairs. However as he was mouthing off to some fans at ringisde, Plisken was able to somewhat recover and get back into the ring. Plisken was able to mount some form of offense, but it was quickly haulted. As he delivering a series of mounted punches to Pearce, the NWA World Champion took the low road and dropped Plisken across the top rope. Pearce moved in and delivered a vicious DDT that registered a two count. With both men down, the referee started a 10-count. Later in the match, Pearce was confronting the referee about a supposed slow count, when the NWA Lonestar Women's Champion Barbi Hayden sprinted to the ring and jumped onto the apron. With the referee now distracted, Pearce went to the top rope, but was met with a nasty European uppercut from the challenger. Plisken then positioned his opponent on his shoulders. But before he could do anything further, Ken Carson hit the ring during all the distraction and grabbed Plisken's foot. This allowed Pearce to slide out of the situation and come off the ropes with a jaw-jarring lariat. He followed up with a thunderous piledriver and then covered Plisken for the win. He had successfully defended the title, albeit with some help from a recent thorn in Plisken's side.

After the match, NWA Lonestar CEO Tony Brooklyn intervened. He told Carson to be careful what he wished for, because now he would receive what he had been asking for. He told Carson that he would be receiving a shot at the NWA Lonestar Championship. No date has been officially set for the title match, but it appears that the date of the match will be on Brooklyn's terms.

The next show for NWA Houston will take place on Friday, November 11 at the Cypress (TX) VFW. For more information about that show and for all news related to NWA Houston, check out the NWA Houston website or their official Facebook page.


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