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Nvidia announces the GTX Titan Z; a $2,999 power house

Ready for a $2,999 GPU from Nvidia?
Ready for a $2,999 GPU from Nvidia?

Nvidia versus AMD goes hand-in-hand with Nintendo versus Sega of the early 90's and Sony versus Microsoft of current times. The on going battle has gotten more interesting these past months, as AMD's announcement of their mantel based cards have significantly reduced the performance gap between the two companies product offerings while maintaining the well known cost benefits of AMD products.

Not to be outdone, or even remotely concerned with such cost advantages, Nvidia has decided to drop a bomb at this weeks GPU Technology Conference. Earlier today, Nvidia announced yet another variant of their top of the line "Titan" card; the GTX Titan Z.

In true Titan fashion, both price and performance are top of the pile. Costing $2,999 USD, the Titan Z sets the bar high with a massive amount of VRAM (12GB), 5,760 CUDA Cores and 8 TerraFLOPS of overall performance.

Clearly above the necessity of even the most hardcore gamers within the PC community, the Titan Z is yet another installment in a product line who's existence is seemingly unnecessary in relation to the insane price of the card and requirements of current game titles available at the time.

Alas; this is the PC community, and someone, somewhere, will absolutely find the need for this... because you know... master race, and all.

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