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Nutritional Research Foundation

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Joel Fuhrman while he was in Seattle April 26, 2014. Along with learning valuable information and inspiration for my personal diet, I learned of his non-profit organization.

The Nutritional Research Foundation (NRF) represents a unique stance in plant-based nutritional research by advocating a high nutrient, whole food, vegetable based diet. We emphasize a “nutritarian” approach: choosing food based on its nutrient content while keeping animal products to a minimum, or less than 10% of all food consumption. This philosophy, based on strict science, demonstrates the capability to prevent, manage and reverse disease through proper nourishment.

In some instances, securing vital health requires supplementation of specific nutrients that are lacking due to poor absorption or food and environment deficiencies. The NRF embraces responsible supplementation when used in conjunction with current, relevant science.

Although the NRF recognizes that a vegan diet is not always necessary for everyone, we thoroughly believe in conducting our work with a humanitarian spirit and the utmost of scientific integrity. We recognize that individuals following a plant-based lifestyle often exhibit a passion for living creatures. Out of respect for our loyal donors and the entire planet, we want you to know that we have no plans to participate in animal testing or inhumane experimentation.

Our intentions are to promote Nutritional Medicine based on real science and real food. We believe that unveiling the potential of nutritional excellence will have a profound impact on the health crisis of America and the future of our nation.

Our Mission
To support, encourage, and promote clinical research to evaluate the impact of a high nutrient density diet and related nutritional interventions on chronic diseases such as autoimmune illnesses, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Our Goals
To promote Nutritional Medicine based on real science and real food. To initiate and foster research that demonstrates how nutritional protocols, designed to treat and reverse disease, can have remarkable preventative and therapeutic application to benefit humanity and potentially transform healthcare.

Our Plan
We plan to study diet styles ideally designed to maximize the potential for disease prevention, reversal, and longevity. The salient features of nutritional excellence have been investigated in small preliminary scientific studies with dramatic results.

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