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Nutrition tips to help runners prepare for Memorial Day May Flowers Marathons

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The annual Marathons Memorial May Flowers event begins this Friday May 23 and continues until Monday May 26, 2014. This means four days of marathons, halfs, 50Ks, 10Ks, 5Ks, 50 miles and 100 miles on the trails of Leon Creek Greenway. Participants have a chance to run or walk these trails on any chosen day and combination of races. Registration is online and will be open until 6p.m. the night before a race. For more details visit the I Ran Marathons site.

Stonyfield Organic is the world’s leading producer of organic yogurt. For this event they have partnered with registered dietician and nutritionist Heather Bauer to provide runners with nutrition tips to help them be their best.

Heather's nutrition tips:

Choose the best fuel possible - It’s important to eat not only nutritionally balanced foods but whole foods as well. Eating clean, organic foods guarantees your body is getting the best possible foods to power through the race (or the race of life!).

Pack on the protein - Protein is key to building strong muscles and keeping your body satisfied throughout the day. Protein helps recovery time, muscle soreness and can also help maintain and repair lean body mass.

Carbo-load… in moderation - Marathoners need carbs to ensure their bodies have a good store of glycogen to keep energy levels high throughout the race. While we shouldn’t all be packing on the pasta, good carbs, like those in fruit and whole grains, in moderation help keep us energized.

Boost your immunity - It might go without saying, but staying healthy leading into the race is extremely important to perform your best. Whether gearing up to tackle 26.2 miles or a big business meeting, getting plenty of vitamins, minerals and sleep will help boost your immunity leading into a big event.

Manage your appetite with finite foods - For many marathoners keeping their ideal weight is surprisingly a challenge because of the huge appetite that comes with increased mileage. One way to manage your appetite is to add fiber and protein to each meal to help keep you fuller longer.

Have a nutrition plan - Stick with foods you know and love leading into the big day. You never know how a new food might react with your stomach and you don’t want any surprises halfway through the course!

Source: Sarah Schwarz