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Nutrition or your effort in the gym, which is more important?

I’ve heard this discussion come up on many different sites and in magazines of various kinds. It seems that overall conclusion is that nutrition is actually more important than your effort in the gym. I totally agree with this as well, the reason being is that we are what we eat honestly speaking. If we go to the gym and bust our butts off and then go and eat a bunch of donuts, we pretty much destroyed our entire workout efforts in one shot.

get your fitness on!
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Yes your workout is vitally important, as is the efforts you put for in the gym, but you also need to stay focused on your nutrition. The problem I see is that more people are focused on the efforts inside the gym than outside of the gym. They need to create some kind of balance between both; yes I know it’s a pain in the rear to follow a strict regimen. But if you have goals set for how you want to look or become strength wise, then you need to watch what you eat.

So if you’re struggling in the gym and outside of the gym, it’s time to sit back and re-prioritize and set goals. If you don’t have goals you need to set some in order to be 100 percent effective. If you’re having problems with your eating habits, consult someone who knows what they’re doing at your gym, or find a trainer or an online mentor to help you out. With some hard work and patience, you will eventually get to the level of success you so much desire.

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