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Nutrition is key player in Party Girl Diet's Super Bowl hangover cures

"Super Bowl Sunday" is right up there with New Year’s Eve as a popular day to party hard and drink too much alcohol. "Super Bowl 2014" was no exception, bringing on lot's of reported fans drinking to celebrate the "Seattle Seahawks" 2014 Super Bowl win, leaving them feeling off their game on Super Bowl Monday. Internet searches for “hangover cures” and “ways to cure a hangover fast” topped the charts, as people scrambled to find an effective hangover cure for their aching heads and stomachs. No matter when you find yourself needing a hangover cure (and we do hope that it’s not too often) the "Party Girl Diet" comes to the rescue here, with a few of it’s “same-day nutrition solutions for socialites” to cure a hangover fast - as well as help your body recover from the negative effects of over-consumption of alcohol with advanced nutrition remedies.

Rocking Super Bowl Sunday party scene leads to search for hangover cures on Super Bowl Monday.
Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images

To get this party started, check out the following quote from a legendary entertainer and New York socialite famously known for wanting to “wake up in a city that never sleeps;"

"I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day." - Frank Sinatra

Sinatra has more than likely on many occasions sought the companionship of eggs “the morning after” a big night on the town. Now whether he knew it or not, he was actually helping his body detox from some of alcohols negative effects on the body, which leads us to the following review of the Party Girl Diet “socialite diet nutrition fixes” to reach for the next time you have a hangover and want or need to feel better fast:

  • Cysteine, an amino acid in eggs will also help detoxify the body of hangover causing toxins.
  • Research shows the asparagus super charges certain enzymes that help break down alcohol in the system.
  • A bioflavonoid the spice turmeric helps eliminate the toxins in the body alcohol consumption produces.

Ready to cure a hangover fast? The Party Girl’s Socialite Eggs Benedict with Mock-Hollandaise Sauce recipe includes all of the hangover nutrition cures outlined above, and also satisfies the craving for fattening food that many people experience with a hangover. The beauty is, since the Socialite Diet's Mock-Hollandaise Sauce recipe calls for fat free, plain Greek yogurt to replace the milk an butter found in traditional Hollandaise Sauce recipes, it offers a surprisingly rich and creamy - fat-free version of this classic sauce recipe.

For those who prefer their hangover cures in the liquid form, in addition to drinking plenty of fresh water, you may want to check out the Party Girl Diet’s “Morning After Mocktail,” recipe, which has uniquely been formulated to replace vitamins lost through over-consumption of alcohol.

Featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW networks (shown in video clip featured on this page) - the Party Girl Diet's "Morning After Mocktail" is a super-effective hangover cure, containing vitamins B6, B12, and loads of vitamin C, and it provides hydration, tones the liver, and gently detoxifies your digestive track.

Nutrition key players to always have on hand to help cure a hangover are vitamin and calcium enriched orange juice, low sodium (spicy) V-8 style vegetable juice, and plenty of pure filtered or spring water. Also, for better overall health, try to tame the “socialite” in you…and avoid drinking for a few nights to help detox and give your organs a break.

Until next time...keep the (healthy) party going ~ Aprilanne

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