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Nutrition, health and exercise: Preparing for competition


Athletic competition is said to bring out the best in competitors, but preparing correctly for competition is quite important! Endurance is important to winning. Proper nutrition is essential for long distance events. The fuel for skeletal muscles is glucose. It quickly converts to energy in the form of ATP within muscle fiber cells and can provide a consistent supply of energy for up to two hours in a well tuned body.

Working out using a planned method of personal development helps the muscle cells become efficient in producing energy. The cell is limited in ATP production depending on the amount of oxygen supplied, the amount of glucose delivered, and on the amount of enzymes available within the cell membrane. Thus a well defined workout routine helps to optimize these three factors in maximizing ATP creation.

Whoever wins the ATP production race, wins the event. Learning the nutritional formula for winning competitions is quite important.  This is where the selection of proper nutrients becomes important in competition. The proper composition of food types and total caloric composition is critical in creating an effective energy reserve for winning.

In training for events, like the Nashville Marathon, fuel sources like complex carbohydrates and drink selection can impact the outcome of an important race.

Nashville's Nutrition Expert, Sarah Jane Bedwell will be appearing on News Channel 5 program, "Talk of the Town," at 11am to discuss be discussing her secrets for fueling up and staying hydrated for the big race!! So tune in or set your DVR's to record!


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