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Nutrition for hikers

Eat for Life
Eat for Life
samuel hoff

One of the most common mistakes made by hikers is not drinking enough water. Nutrition also plays an equally important role in realizing successful outdoor activities.

A healthy diet provides essential nutrition for the body important for outdoor activities such as hiking. Proper nutrition provides essential amino acids from protein, fatty acids vitamins, and minerals with adequate caloric intake.

The degree of intensity varies with different outdoor activities yet the need of proper nutrition should not be underestimated. Its best to sustain a consistent energy level all day, by eating occasional snacks.

Many food items and products could aid this goal. Before addressing snack foods recognize they are no replacement for nutritious meals. Breakfast should start off a day of outdoor activity to begin with a full tank.

Fruits such as apples or bananas make fine energy boosters for snack breaks. Energy bars have been available for many years dating back to the late 1960 with the introduction of Space Bars by Robert Muller at Pillsbury Company. During the popularity of the NASA space program Space Bars were introduced.

Energy bars augment food intake providing protein, carbohydrates and fat. PowerBar was an early entry to the energy bar field. Canadian athlete Brian Maxwell with his nutritionist girlfriend developed its formulation in 1986. It was the first energy bar providing endurance athletes with nutritional support. Many competing products have been introduced over the years. Each has its unique advantages, a useful approach would be to try many and see what works for you.

Nature Valley energy bars have an advantage as easily available in neighborhood grocery stores. Nature Valley created a granola bar category in 1975. General Mills introduced Nature Valley as the companies first 100% natural ready to eat cereal. Since its introduction it has improved its products adding new flavors and items including energy bars.

Nature Valley Yogurt Protein Bar has 180 calories combining 10 grams of protein, 17 grams carbohydrates, and 9 grams fat producing a satisfying snack. Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits is a new product creating a tasty crispy texture with 100% natural whole grain oats. Twenty-six grams whole grains are satisfying while giving energy to keep you going. Two hundred thirty calories combine 5 grams of protein, 33 grams carbohydrates, 14 grams fat, and 4 grams fiber.

Energy gels are a new entry into the field of sports nutrition products. Their focus is primarily endurance events with a strong dose of carbohydrates for added energy. They come in a small one serving packet with a gooey gel consistency. They are often used for quick energy in endurance events like running, triathlons, and cycling.

Plan ahead and get your gear set up with fruits, energy bars and sufficient fluids for your day’s plans. Since energy bars are low in weight why not take extra for your days activities. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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