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Nutrition and water for a productive body and mind

To become a productive person, your body and mind has to be productive because you are using both of them throughout the day. You will need to have enough physical energy to accomplish your tasks successfully, which comes from nutrition and water. The mind also needs nutrition in order to stay focus throughout the day because it is using a lot of blood cells. Healthy blood cells come from nutrition and water.

First, you need to provide nutrition to the body and mind every 3 to 4 hours because after 4 hours, the nutrition is completely digested, which means you will need new foods to keep your energy up. The longer you go without any food after 4 hours, the lower your productive level will become. Even if you can only get something small or little into your body is better than nothing.

The types of foods you want to eat the most are from the vegetable, fruit and protein groups. The body and mind need vitamins and minerals that come mostly from fruits and vegetables. You need protein because you are using a lot of muscles throughout the day. For example, throughout the day, you will be walking and moving around, so you are using a lot of muscles. The brain also has a big muscle that you are using when you are thinking. In this case, you want to replace what you have used.

When it comes to getting your vitamins and minerals, and protein, variety is the key. You want to eat as many different kinds of foods as possible. There are at least 114 vitamins and minerals that your body and mind need to stay productive, and one food does not provide all those nutrients. For example, if you eat a banana for breakfast, then you want to eat something else such as an apple for lunch, and then something else for dinner such as an orange or any other fruit that you have not eaten yet. You also want to eat a variety of foods for your vegetables and protein groups. The wider your foods are the higher the chance that you will get all of the nutrients that your body and mind need.

In addition to food, you want to make sure you get enough water. You want to drink a cup of water every 2 hours. Your body and mind use a lot of water throughout the day, especially for thinking. It was discovered that the number one cause of frustration, lack of concentration and focus, and stress is the lack of water. When your productive decreases because of lack of water, you will start to doubt and question yourself if you are smart enough or have enough knowledge and skill or not to become successful. However, many of the times, it is the lack of focus and concentration that is preventing you to become successful, and not because of the lack the skill or knowledge.

The meal that you must eat is breakfast because you want to start out the day well in order to end your day well. Since you are suppose to sleep 7-8 hours, which means you are missing a meal and water drinking times. When you wake up, your body and mind are low in energy because of lack of nutrition and water. You do not want to start the day tired. That is the worst thing you can ever do for yourself. You want to drink at least one cup of water before you eat your breakfast; it will help prepare your body to receive food.


1. Preparation is the key. You also want to plan out what you will be eating throughout the day. For example, if you wake up at 7am and then go to sleep at 10pm, then you have 15 awake hours. You want to take 15 hours and divide it by 3 or 4, then that will determine how many times and when you should be eating something. For example, if you divide 15 by 3, then you would need to eat 5 times. You would have three main meals, and 2 snacks. You want to write down exactly when and what you are going to eat. You want to make it clear for the brain so it will not get confused when the day comes. When the day comes, it is only for taking action, no thinking.

2. Since we tend to forget about water, you want to have something to remind you to drink a cup of water every 2 hours. When you are not used to drinking water, it will be difficult for your body and mind to remind you to. Remember, drinking water can only become easy when it becomes a habit. So do not give up.

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