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Nutrition and Delicious Super Bowl Party Appetizers

Healthy Turkey Chili
Healthy Turkey Chili

Super Bowl Sunday is just days away and that means thousands of Americans will be stocking up on goodies to fill their bellies during their Super Bowl Parties.

Thankfully, you can still have good tasting food that isn't horrible for you.  To start your party off right try some of these tasty and healthy appetizers.

 Super Bowl Party Appetizers

• Naked Sandwiches (preferably bun-less, only use whole grain bun option if absolutely needed)
Thin Crust Whole Grain Pizza
• Fruit Salad (throw low carb whipped cream and dash of splenda/stevia on top as desired)
• Super Salad Bowl (use unlimited veggies and meats, dip dressing on the side or use low calorie substitutes)

• Tabouli
Sweet Potato Fries
• Turkey Chili
• Cottage Cheese and Salsa Dip
Salmon Pigs in a Blanket
• Tuna or Chicken Salad
• Nut Butter on Celery Sticks

• Mixed Nuts (no sugar, unroasted, low in salt)
• Cheese, Eggs, and Meat Tray
Caprese Salad
Home Made Guacamole
• Raw Veggies (use dip sparingly)
• Grilled/Sauteed Veggies (use extra virgin olive or coconut oil)
• Buffalo Chicken Bites (skinless, no breading, use low calorie buffalo sauce sparingly)
• Pasta Salad (use whole grain pasta and go easy on the dressings, choosing marina based sauces over creamier versions)

Bon Appetit!

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