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Nutrilite launches Power of 5 Campaign

Raise Your Hand to fight global childhood malnutrition. That’s what Nutrilite, an Amway brand, is inviting the public to do as part of its Power of 5 Campaign.

Power of 5 Campaign;
Credit: Suzanne Chun

The Campaign kicked off on May 3rd and 4th at the OC Marathon in Costa Mesa. More than 3,000 people made handprints at the Nutrilite booth. For each handprint, Nutrilite will donate one dollar, up to $400,000 U.S. dollars, to CARE, a humanitarian agency.

“We’re bringing Raise Your Hand events to many runs, rides and walks all over the world,” said Jeff Terry, global manager for corporate social responsibility at Amway.

Nutrilite became involved in the issue of childhood malnutrition in 2006. Workers on the Nutrilite farm in Brazil ground nutrient-rich native plants into a powder and added it to the food served in local schools.

The improved health of the children in Brazil led Nutrilite scientists to develop NUTRILITE Little Bits, the first micronutrient supplement for malnutrition enhanced with plant ingredients. Each one-gram packet of Little Bits, which includes 15 vitamins and minerals, helps reduce and prevent micronutrient deficiency, including iron deficiency anemia.

Little Bits has been distributed in Mexico for the past five years and Zambia, Africa for the past three years. The results of a clinical study in Mexico with 150 children were dramatic. “In six months, we saw a 93% reduction in iron deficiency and a 40% reduction in stunting,” said Terry.

Terry emphasizes that including Little Bits in existing nutritional programs is a part of the solution. CARE and local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) also offer food provisions, nutritional education, and regular health assessments.

The goal of Nutrilite is to provide Little Bits to thousands of children in 15 more countries in the next three years. By the end of 2014, Little Bits will be distributed in Brazil, Guatemala, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Vietnam, through a partnership with CARE.

Terry has gotten to know children in Mexico and Zambia who are participating in existing programs. “To see the impact of this work directly is very powerful,” he said. “Some of these kids, I didn’t think would survive. They’re more than surviving. They’re thriving.”


To make a donation to the Power of 5 Campaign, please visit

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