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Nurturing Fitness helps busy moms stay fit & healthy

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Since we are now only a few short weeks away from ‘swim suit’ season, many moms out there are likely thinking how they need to really focus on eating right and exercising. One great way to do this is by working with a fitness & nutrition coach to get a customized plan on what works best for you as an individual to lose and maintain a healthy weight. Luckily the triad has a great opportunity for just that... local fitness & nutrition coach Natalie Mansson of Nurturing Fitness does just that.

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Mansson is a certified fat loss coach for Metabolic Effect. What is Metabolic Effect? It is a unique type of training as it focuses on the hormonal effect of food and nutrition; the different hormonal changes women experience; and how all that effects fat loss. Additionally, Mansson is a working mom herself so she completely understands the trials of being a busy mom and what does or doesn’t work in hectic schedules. Best of all, Mansson knows how to help women get results with targeted exercise routines (most of which can be done at home with minimal or no equipment) instead of spending hours on end in the gym. Mansson also has a doctorate in physical therapy so can easily provide exercise programs for those with physical limitations.

Two great services that Nurturing Fitness offers, among others, are:

1. A 12 week customized program that includes a personalized nutrition and exercise plan and is specifically geared towards helping busy moms get & stay fit. For more details click here.

2. For those just looking for exercises and not diet Nurturing Fitness also offers its clients a new exercise routine each month with video demonstration & help with modifications as needed for only $14.97/month. To get more details on this contact Nurturing Fitness.

Every mom knows that they spend more time taking care of everyone else and hardly any time on themselves. Nurturing Fitness aims to remind moms that they are important too and need to take care of themselves as well. The name Nurturing Fitness was inspired by this desire to teach moms to learn to nurture their own minds, bodies, and spirits! In fact Mansson gives this advice to other working moms, “Take care of yourself first so you can take care of others well and be happy while doing it!”

A common issue with exercising and eating healthy is accountability. With Nurturing Fitness’ 12 week program it includes frequent checks ins to see how everything is going and help provide that much needed accountability we sometimes lack. Mansson also gives the following tips for helping with accountability – have a workout buddy and food and/or exercise diary. She also created a FREE group for moms on Facebook to help support each other in the pursuit of health & fitness as well as ask questions. Request to be added to the group by clicking here.

Lack of motivation is often found to be another issue in busy moms lives when it comes to exercising and eating right. Nurturing Fitness offers a FREE three week goal orientated, motivation email series, which actually starts next week. For those interested in signing up for this please contact Nurturing Fitness.

As mentioned previously Mansson is a working mom herself. She has four children: Hunter (age 9), Bodie (age 7), Haylee (age 4) and Brooke (age 1). In addition to owning and running Nurturing Fitness, she also homeschools her four children, and works as a physical therapist on weekends. She manages to stay fit & healthy with all that on her plate so is certainly someone who understands how to make health a priority even with a busy schedule!

For more information on Nurturing Fitness visit Natalie at her website or on Facebook.