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Nursing mother dog pulled away from pups and confiscated by high kill shelter

As if being a pit bull, no matter what the dog's disposition, seems to always be a blanket invitation at San Bernardino City Animal Control to be euthanized, what happens when a young blue and white lactating pit bull mix is confiscated?

Ivy was found locked in a car with no water. Her two-week-old puppies did not survive.
Maria Sanchez/ Dogs of San Bernardino City Shelter

A volunteer tells the story of Animal Control finding two-year-old emaciated Ivy in a locked car with not even a drop of water. A witness stated the puppies had all died because the irresponsible owners tried to sell the puppies at only two weeks of age.

And here lies the urgent call for a home, foster arrangement, or a qualified rescue organization to help this young mother whose puppies are not to be found. For days, swollen with milk, Ivy searched every corner of Shelter 48 for the scent of her puppies. A volunteer writes:

"She's really mellow, no barking when a little dog walked by. Gave kisses."

Please click here for Ivy's PetHarbor listing.

Ivy's intake date was June 6, and she is due out by June 20. It's doubtful she will be given any extra time to be placed, because she is now coughing; most likely suffering from the inevitable kennel cough most dogs contract when brought into a shelter.

Her tiny paws, her rib cage showing, and her sad brown eyes desperately calls for someone to rescue her. Please share her story with your friends, relatives, and co workers; help Ivy find a new life where she will never have to worry about being abandoned and starved.

Follow Ivy's desperate plight on Facebook to survive as humane supporters reach out to help.

An alternate thread on Facebook can be followed by clicking here.

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