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Nursing home abuse at Williamsville Suburban


Williamsville Suburban Nursing Home        Photo: WIVB Channel 4

After a lengthy 7-week investigation at Williamsville Suburban Nursing home, eight people have now been charged. According to The Buffalo News it was a hidden camera placed on a female resident with her family's permission that led to  six CNAs and two LPNs being charged in this case. They are accused of falsifying documents which is classified as a felony.

Indeed this story is extremely scary, but it should raise some concerns about the quality and level of care that is provided to the  elderly  in a skilled nursing facility. Williamsville Suburban, part of the Legacy Healthcare, LLC and has several facilities through out Western New York. This is not the first time this company is having issues with care. In fact, in February 2008 Williamsville Suburban was placed on the nation's list of worst senior care facilities. The facility has a total of 30 deficiencies. In addition to the health issues this particular facility, it has also had some financial struggles as well. When a facility is not properly funded it directly affects the care that the residents receive. If you don't have the funds to pay the staff then the residents will be the ones to suffer. This is a harsh reality that has been affecting the Western New York community.

 New York State Department of Health conducts yearly surveys on nursing homes. Once the surveys are completed they become available to the public. As of March 2010 Williamsville Suburban had a total of 51 total deficiencies. Three of those deficiencies were related to actual harm or immediate jeopardy of their residents. Anyone that  witnessing abuse (physical, emotional, verbal or sexual) can report it to the Department of Health by calling 1-888-663-6114. Once the call is placed they have 48 hours to investigate the claim.
Check out the video from Channel 7 News:


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