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Nurses form an 'eating' roundtable during economic crunch

Reportedly, there are two hot spots for job availability remaining during this economic crisis where folks are losing their source of income. Joblessness have reached an all time high of over 9% in some areas. The highest hit market for employment being those in manufacturing, and if we look around us, the world is seeing job loss in every facet of employment.

It's no secret that  the medical field is in dire need of nurses. There is a shortage of reports of up to 500,000 jobs needed in Nursing. The reasons for this drastic decline/need is because more babyboomers are retiring and more young people out of college were heading for jobs on wallstreet as opposed to those in healthcare. Now, that the recession has arrived upon many dashed hopes & dreams of making it big, the job still offered are those that serve communities: Healthcare & Educators...

Nurses are feeling the crunch, although they seemingly have a slight edge on the economy joblessness, simply because the need for medical care remains a constant. However, nurses are working long day & weekend hours for the same. or, less than equal pay. The  emphasis in tired minds of how 'nurses spend more time at work than at home' plays a resounding note of reality as the rising costs of food, clothing, light&gas, tax increases, apartment rental fees & such impact their nurses world.

Food plays a big part in nursing. Working up an appetite is a given. Weekends with hardly time to prepare a decent meal, some nurses band together to form a lunchtime potluck where everyone either make a dish, combine monies to order the main course, or furnish eating supplies... saves on time, money & working without ever eating lunch at all. 

This lunch time where nurses get a few minutes to actually sit down, away from phones, orders, & answering call lights becomes a moment of rejuvenation & reenergizing for the many tasks awaiting them once the break is over...