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Nurse saves pilot: Quick-thinking nurse uses advanced training skills

Nurse saves pilot Dec. 30.
Nurse saves pilot Dec. 30.
Commons Wikimedia

A nurse saves pilot on a United Airlines flight from Iowa to Colorado.. and is being praised for her heroics. The scary event happened on Dec. 30 when Linda Alweiss responded to a request one of the crew members made for medical assistance.

NewsOxy reports Jan. 12 that Alweiss, a registered nurse from Camarillo, was taken to the pilot who was slumped in his seat in the cockpit. She recognized immediately that he was suffering from a possible fatal arrhythmia, so she and another registered nurse -- Amy Sorenson -- began setting the pilot up with a diagnostic defibrillator and IV after he was moved out of the cockpit by Alweiss' husband and another passenger.

Ironically this nurse who saved the pilot had just been recertified for administering cardiac life support. Alweiss had worked many years as a pediatric intensive care nurse.

An emergency landing was made in Omaha. Paramedics were on the airport runway when the plane landed. The pilot was still alive and was placed in a cardiac unit.

When the pilot recovers, he will be thankful for the nurse who saved him. Talk about about an high-adrenaline story! Everyone remained calm and somehow the plane landed without any issues as the co-pilot took over.

Anytime a doctor or nurse saves a pilot, it is every bit a heroic event that deserves recognition. The passengers are definitely thankful!

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