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Nurse saves pilot: Cardiac life support revives pilot, brave mid-flight rescue

Nurse saves pilot: Cardiac life support revives pilot, brave mid-flight rescue
Nurse saves pilot: Cardiac life support revives pilot, brave mid-flight rescueWikimedia Commons, Photo Share

A nurse saves pilot story is soaring across headlines this week, as a nurse managed to revive a pilot who was having a heart attack using cardiac life support in a mid-flight rescue. The brave nurse has been identified as Linda Alweiss, who performed the life-saving process on a commercial flight leaving from Iowa to Colorado. NewsOxy provides the details on this incredible rescue this Sunday, Jan. 12, 2014.

The nurse was in the middle of completing a Sudoku puzzle on the plane ride home from Iowa for the Christmas season this Dec. 2013 when an emergency message was given from the flight crew, asking if there were passengers aboard who were able to give medical attention for the pilot.

Alweiss was the first to volunteer, and the flight attendant led her to the cockpit in the frightening mid-flight health scare. The nurse saves pilot trend continues with Alweiss finding the pilot passed out in the cockpit. She had only recently been retrained in her advanced cardiac life support training, and thank goodness she had, she said.

“He was clearly suffering from a possibly fatal arrhythmia,” Alweiss noted.

The nurse’s husband Alan helped move the pilot to the galley floor from the cockpit. Another registered nurse quickly joined her, and the pair worked together to set up a diagnostic defibrillator and IV to revive him.

The pair of medical professionals aided the patient for the remainder of the flight until its emergency landing in local Omaha. The nurse saves pilot title is no joke; when paramedics came aboard the United Airlines plane, they found the pilot still alive, which they say certainly wouldn’t have happened had Alweiss and the other nurse not worked tirelessly to help him.

“Her actions were heroic,” Alan Alweiss said. “She didn’t hesitate for a second.”

The nurse soon learned that the male pilot was rushed to a local hospital and had been saved.

“They were able to get him into a cardiac unit,” the brave nurse confirmed. “He had survived.”

While the registered nurse no doubt has many great medical acts to her name, this is likely one rescue, mid-flight no less, that she will never forget.