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Nurse Noni's Hangover Sucks

Nurse Noni's Hangover Sucks
Nurse Noni's Hangover Sucks

If you're hungover again and looking for relief, then, Nurse Noni has the cure. With the help of her care-giving husband, the two have created a product to deal with the upset stomach, headache, dry mouth and mild dehydration.

Nurse Noni is the Nurse Noni of Jim and Noni's Three Lollies company, who are responsible for Hangover Sucks and Smoking Sucks! While these are profoundly true statements, they are also quality products.

Nurse Noni is a registered Nurse for well over 30 years and has helped many with their hangover symptoms. Jim is a licensed therapist and a Ph.D. of psychology.

Hangover Sucks is a box of 6 get-better lozenges, which go for $4.95. There are 3 flavors within the box, which are ginger, lime and raspberry. The party pack has 21 pieces and can be had for $9.95.

Lick 'em, You'll like 'em!

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