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'Nurse Jackie' season 6 'Jungle Love': Jackie ups ante in drug seeking deeds?

"Nurse Jackie" Season 6: Will "Jungle Love" drive someone mad and crazy on Sunday night's episode?
"Nurse Jackie" Season 6: Will "Jungle Love" drive someone mad and crazy on Sunday night's episode?
Showtime Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie” season 6 has upped the ante when it comes to Jackie’s behaviors while on drugs and when drug seeking. Jackie watching the demise of Grace will do nothing more than add to that stress that sends her drug seeking, as Zap2It suggests in an article May 2.

Will Sunday night’s “Jungle Love” be able to top the most disturbing scene coming from Jackie yet? This is still a scene being talked about around the water coolers even though it’s been a few weeks since airing.

Probably the most disturbing scene yet this season was a couple of episodes back when Jackie is seen on a public bathroom counter top with a stranger performing oral sex on her. She is doing this with Frank outside waiting for her at a square dancing bar.

This scene worked really well for showing just how much the drugs mean to Jackie. It also gave viewers a window on how Jackie seems to thrive on risk-taking.

Even for the hard-core Jackie fans, that was a tough one to swallow. Last week Jackie’s daughter got caught shoplifting and the punishment was doled out by Kevin and Jackie who joined forces for this.

As Celeb Dirty Laundry points out, Sunday night’s episode has Jackie spotting Grace out shopping with Kevin’s brand spanking new fiancee, who also happens to be quite young. This doesn’t sit right with Jackie and rightfully so! Grace acts like Jackie is the arch-enemy when they cross paths, embarrassing Jackie in front of Kevin’s intended bride.

It’s not as if Jackie will be alone, Frank is pressuring her to live with him. He wants to move into Jackie’s, but she is not ready. Frank tells Jackie one of his secrets and she uses this for a reason not to move in with him right now. Both Jackie and Frank have fairly juicy secrets and slowly but surely they come out through the episodes.

One of the more interesting sub plots in Sunday night’s episode, “Jungle Love,” has to do with Prentiss, who gets a visitor from the past. Coop and Carrie are deserving of each other. The two were cast from the same mold. They start to heat up once again, that is until the next problem blows in on the wind.

Coop right now is almost despondent finding out that his sperm isn't up to par in numbers, making him a disqualified candidate for the sperm donor register that he so wanted to belong to. Visions of hundreds of little Coops danced in his head until he was told he didn’t have what it takes.

Jackie’s relationship with her new sponsor is a bit odd. She keeps calling her and telling her that she is “so close to using” and sounding sincere when saying this. Strangely enough, that usually happens after she’s ingested a handful of pills either by swallowing them or crushing and snorting them up her nose.

This sponsor is a firecracker, so fans should probably expect some surprises from Jackie when it comes to this new relationship. Is Jackie just using her in place of therapist? What is up with this? This woman is no dummy, either she is going to spot a partying friend in Jackie and the two of them go on a bender, or she's going to do something drastic to save Jackie from herself!

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