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Nuns sue strip club: 'Pulsating music' violates right to pray peacefully

Strip club sued by nuns
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Nuns in Chicago are fed up with a local strip club, so they are suing the owner citing in the suit that loud "pulsating" music, public violence, drunkenness and discarded condoms are disrupting their right to pray peacefully. The Sisters of St. Charles filed suit on June 13, 2014 in the Cook County Circuit Court against Club Allure Chicago.

Sister Noemia Silva told the Chicago Sun-Times that the nuns' space has been invade and that that loud music plays while they are praying at night.

"Our sisters' sacred space has been invaded. At night now they hear the music when they're praying. That's uncalled for."

They lawsuit states that Club Allure Chicago violates Illinois zoning laws that state that there should be a 1,000-foot buffer between adult entertainment facilities and places of worship. The property that the nuns live on in Melrose Park includes three chapels and the offending adult entertainment club that opened in September is in the nearby village of Stone Park.

Attorney Peter Breen represents the convent and stated that the nuns have a right to pray and work peacefully without interference. They sisters claim that aside from the loud music and general public nuisance, there are "empty whiskey and beer bottles, discarded contraceptive packages and products and even used condoms" outside of the club. Not to mention the "pulsating and rhythmic staccato-beat noise and flashing neon and or strobe lights" that bother the nuns when they are trying to pray at night.

Club Allure manager Robert Itzkow told WMAQ-TV that the nuns are not being neighborly. There have been no police reports and that their patrons aren't bothering the nuns, telling WMAQ-TV, "The whole thing is just a question of 'we don't like you; you don't conform to our religious beliefs." Irzkow went on to say that the club's dancers are daughters and mothers, and "some of them are Catholics, too."

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