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Nuns Are Suing A Strip Club In Chicago

Nuns Sue Strip Club
Nuns Sue Strip Club

Nuns sue strip club In Chicago - St. Charles Borromeo and its missionary sisters in Chicago are suing a the strip club, which is located in close proximity to their convent. According to the sisters, the strip club keeps them awake at night due to the club's alleged violence, neon lights and loud noises. Then there are used condoms and empty whiskey bottles that need to be taken care of during the day.

The Missionary sisters are formally suing the strip club, formally known as Club Allure. Apparently the Missionary Sisters have good grounds for suing the club as the establishment violates a state law that prohibits operating an adult entertainment if it's within 1,000 feet of a place of worship or a school. Also, the club is located very near to three neighborhoods. The neighborhoods are also joining the lawsuit with the goal of shutting down the establishment.

According to Yahoo news, Peter Breen, the attorney from Thomas Moore Society, a non-profit law firm, is filing the lawsuit on the behalf of the nuns. According to Breen, operating a strip club near a place of worship not only violates state laws, but most people would consider such kind of establishment as offensive.

The lawsuit was officially filed in Cook Country Circuit Court last Friday. According to the building code department, the establishment opened last September, however there was no formal notification given to the nuns.

Club Allure cost approximately $3 million to build and it's located behind the convent's fence. The convent has home for the retired sisters and three chapels. The convent also includes a house for young women who are thinking of becoming nuns themselves.

In a statement made by Breen, the nuns and sisters should have all the right to work and pray peacefully without the strip bar disrupting their daily activities.

As of the moment, a representative from the Allure Club has not yet presented himself for comment.

Dean Krone, the Stone Park and Club Allure attorney, stated last Tuesday that 1,000 ft. Limitations is true in most of the state areas, however the suburban Cook county has a one-mile restriction which includes Stone Park.

According to Krone, the limitation established by Cook County is unconstitutional as it prohibits any kind of strip bar from opening in the county and its violating free speech protections.

According to Krone, the Cook County limits blanket the entire county and it’s violating the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of expression of any kind. In cases for small villages, the court generally rule out that 1,000 ft. The limit does not apply.

The strip club versus the village has been raging for years now. At first, Village Board members denied the opening of a strip club in 2009. The owners then sued the village and settled by allowing the establishing of a strip club.

According to Krone, the lawsuit is more of an ideological dispute; at the strip club is soundproofed and deliveries and lighting are only at the front to avoid bothering the nearby houses and establishments. The strip club is located next to a recycling dump and a container yard. In addition to that, the strip club location is zoned for adult entertainment. The strip club is improving the area as it generates taxes and replacing vacant warehouses. - source Yahoo news.