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Nun birth update: No miracle, fleeting rekindling of old flame results in birth

Nun gives birth after fleeting encounter with childhood flame.
Nun gives birth after fleeting encounter with childhood flame.
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A nun who gave birth and who didn’t have any idea that she was pregnant confessed that she conceived her baby in the traditional way. This was not a miracle, but the result of the fleeting rekindling of a childhood flame. According to the Telegraph on Jan. 19, Sister Roxana Rodriguez didn’t realize she was pregnant. She started yelling at the doctors “I can’t give birth, I am a nun,” when they told her why she was experiencing such horrendous abdominal pain.

The nun went home to El Salvador about nine months ago to renew her passport and she “couldn’t resist temptation,” said one of her fellow sisters in her convent. She had run into an old, childhood flame and the fleeting love encounter rendered her with child.

All the signs of being pregnant were explained away by the 33-year-old Catholic nun. She thought she was bloated due to some stomach problems that she was having and she lost track of her monthly period.

The nun can no longer stay at the convent, but she said she feels more like a mother today than she does a nun, since giving birth to her almost nine-pound baby boy. She feels that her baby boy is a gift and named him after the church's new pope. Her biggest fear is the commotion due to her giving birth. She is fearful and says she cannot return to El Salvador because of what she has done.

The birth has caused an “outcry” in the Catholic Church because Sister Roxana took a vow of poverty, chastity and obedience, which she has broken. She will need to leave the convent, which is where she calls home outside of Rome, Italy.

Because she was unaware that she was pregnant, she had nothing ready to care for this baby. The other mothers and hospital staff rallied together and donated baby items to the nun. Now that she is a “fallen nun,” her future is uncertain. She cannot remain as a nun because she has given birth. Where she will go from here is not known. The father of this baby is unknown and not in the picture.

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