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Nun birth: Father of baby unknown, nuns request privacy for mother and newborn

Set of nuns praying
Set of nuns praying
I4U News, Photo File (Getty Images)

A nun birth this week has understandably left many in the public wondering just who the father is or what happened in this surprising case, but the nun’s fellow sisters are citing the father “unknown.” In an update on this eyebrow-raising story, I4U News reveals this Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014, that the nuns of the “Little Disciples of Jesus” convent are requesting people to respect the new mother’s privacy and that of her newborn. It has also been confirmed that the nuns will be collectively keeping and raising the baby boy.

The nun birth was an apparent shock to the mother, who said she had been experiencing persistent stomach pains this week. When finally taken to the hospital, the woman was said to be stunned to hear she was in fact pregnant. The “Little Disciples of Jesus” nun has requested her identity be kept a secret, though it is known she is an adult woman and was originally from San Salvador.

Fortunately, the 9 pound baby was born perfectly healthy, continues the report. Having had a boy, the new mother decided to name her son a title with much religious history: Francesco. Also known as Francis, which could be in tribute to St. Francis of Assisi or the current Catholic pope, Pope Francis, the name has even left some wondering whether it could be the moniker of the baby boy’s father. According to the source site, Francesco is a highly popular name in Rieti, Italy (where the nun birth occurred).

The nun again confirmed that she had no actual idea she was pregnant until nearly the moment of, having a rare case of not exhibiting the usual signs of pregnancy. The “Little Disciples of Jesus” nuns are banding together to ask for donations for the child and her mother, and a variety of clothes, baby products, and similar offerings have already been given to the mother and her known son.

With no confirmation of a father at this time, some have even questioned whether this nun in Italy experienced a parthenogenesis (also known as a virgin birth), which is highly uncommon but scientifically possible. The report notes in this unusual nun birth case, however, that “very few women can claim to give birth without the previous accompaniment of sexual intercourse or technologically assisted methods of fertilization. For now, it remains a mystery whether or not the new mother, who is being backed by her surprised but supportive nuns, had any relations with someone before the birth of her 9-pound son.”

A local pastor, Father Don Borrello, has confirmed that the nun's privacy has been maintained, and that the boy will be raised within the convent at this point in time.

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